Look Away! Look Away! A Series of Unfortunate Events Has Been Renewed!

A couple days ago I posted a picture on my Bookstagram of my A Series of Unfortunate Events books. I have all of them. And The Beatrice Letters. And Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography. And Horseradish. You can probably tell that I am a huge fan of the series. But besides that, the question is: AM I PSYCHIC?! Because today, guess what popped up on my Twitter feed:


They’ve announced that the Netflix show has been renewed for a second season! From the articles that I’ve read, most authors seem to be surprised that it was renewed. But if you read the reviews that are up on Netflix’s website (mine is among them!), you will see that the show was pretty well-received and widely liked, especially by those who have read the books. But even those who haven’t read the books, like one of my coworkers, enjoyed the show.

I certainly liked season one! I loved that the series continued past what the movie gave us and was able to fit in two episodes covering The Miserable Mill. I also really like the kids that they got to play the Baudelaires. I think Malina Weissman is an excellent Violet and is exactly what I pictured Violet looking like when I read the books as a child. I think the entire cast has been amazing so far (except, let’s be real, the animations on Sunny are just a bit creepy)! I also have to fight the urge to laugh whenever Kronk shows up trying to be serious and reprimand us for watching the show. And can we just talk about the giant troll they pulled on us with the parents!!!

Suffice it to say that I am so excited that Netflix listened to the viewers who spoke up and asked for a second season. This entire series deserves to be put into film! The books are amazing with so much creativity, humor, and mysteriousness laced throughout them. The Austere Academy has always been my favorite out of the series and I cannot wait to see what the show will do with it now that it has the chance!

Check out the announcement trailer for yourself. You just might receive a secret message!


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